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Welcome[jla asisado]

Hi, Samatics, and also a ping to Misteld, Gadarawamo, Ydamilola, Atej2*, Joshateji, Biowikician, Sagbosam, Successrace, Jamex18 and everyone else who have contributed to the Gungbe Wikipedia in the Wikimedia Incubator.

I'm happy to officially say welcome to the Gungbe Wikipedia! Congratulations on all of your hard work so far, you've done a great job!

All the content from the Incubator has been imported here, and the wiki is ready for editing. But when a Wikipedia edition is brand new, there are a few issues. These issues should be solved automatically within at most one week (but usually it takes shorter). If anything I list here lasts for more than 1 week, please contact me, and I will try and help fixing it. The issues are:

  • The visual editor may not work correctly yet. It should work for creating new pages, but if you try to edit an existing page with it, you may see just a blank page.
  • Special:Search needs to be indexed before it will find articles here.
  • Connecting articles to Wikidata is not yet working.
  • Statistics on Special:Statistics (as well as related magic words like {{NUMBEROFPAGES}}) are not updated yet.

Other than that, things should be working as in normal Wikipedias. If you have any questions or need help with anything, please let me know, and I'll be happy to help.

There are currently no administrators here – you (as in the community, not necessarily you specifically, Samatics) should create a village pump page (Wikipedia:Nọtẹn intẹnẹt lẹdo mẹ tọn perhaps?) where you hold elections for administrators. If something needs to be deleted in the meantime, I or any of the other new wikis importers can do that, as well as global sysops and stewards. Jon Harald Søby (hodidọ) 17:25, 23 Whejisun 2022 (WAT)Reply[gblọndo]

Hello Jon Harald Søby, We are glad to receive this news! Thank you very much for your continued support.--Samatics (hodidọ) 17:50, 23 Whejisun 2022 (WAT)Reply[gblọndo]
Hello @Jon Harald Søby, I observed that the project logo doesn't display properly in the new Vector (2022) skin. The project logo displays only the word "Wikipedia" without the accompanying text "Owe Oyọnẹn Vọnu Tọn". Kindly look into it. Thanks. -- Samatics (hodidọ) 04:15, 12 Afínplọsun 2023 (WAT)Reply[gblọndo]

standard bot policy[jla asisado]

Hi, I would like to propose the implementation of the standard bot policy for this wiki. Could you tell me where the best place to do so is, so that I reach the members of the local community. Thanks. --Zabe (hodidọ) 02:30, 3 Lidosun 2022 (WAT)Reply[gblọndo]

Hi Zabe, thanks for reaching out. You can reach the members of the local community through the Community portal. Thanks. --Samatics (hodidọ) 04:54, 3 Lidosun 2022 (WAT)Reply[gblọndo]

Thanks for launching Gungbe Wikipedia![jla asisado]

Hi Samatics, thank you for your role in helping to launch the Gungbe Wikipedia! I am an administrator on dag.wikipedia.org (Wikipedia in Dagbani, a language of northern Ghana), and I frequently edit various Wikipedias in African languages and am delighted to see Wikipedia in Gungbe. I am ready to help out whenever you'd like. (Sorry for the English, as I don't speak that much French or Gungbe.) Sabon Harshe (hodidọ) 18:18, 20 Lidosun 2022 (WAT)Reply[gblọndo]

Hello Sabon Harshe, thanks for reaching out to me and for offering to help us on Gungbe Wikipedia. We'll definitely call on you for help without hesitation. And it's okay to communicate in English with me. Thanks.--Samatics (hodidọ) 23:50, 20 Lidosun 2022 (WAT)Reply[gblọndo]

Page deletion[jla asisado]

I just created Template:Delete and added it to the appropriate Wikidata item. Can you make the necessary modifications? (Namely, translate the text into Gun, localize the name of the category it refers to, move the template to an appropriate page title, and update the Wikidata item.) Thanks. dcljr (hodidọ) 03:31, 22 Ayidosun 2022 (WAT)Reply[gblọndo]

Hello, thanks for creating the template. All modification has been made. Thanks.-- Samatics (hodidọ) 08:32, 22 Ayidosun 2022 (WAT)Reply[gblọndo]